Old Gold goes Solid?

I started making pigment in 1998. Working at Stained Skin in Ohio. I only dabbled in it, most of tattooing was still unknown to me. There was a lot to learn. In 2000 I had moved to Chicago to work at Deluxe. I mixed pigment a few times while i was there, fumbling through the process alone. Then in San jose, in 2001, me and Adrian Lee sunk our teeth into the pigment process. 

I have exclusively only used pigment that I have made with my own hands, since 2001.


In 2009 I branded my pigment Old Gold Small Batch. I had a pretty good run with it but in the end, it all became too much for me to handle. Real life sometimes gets in the way of fantasies...hopes....dream....reality can be a son of a bitch.

Yeah so what ever, I made copious amounts of Old Gold in legit, small batches. In hindsight, now that it is all something of history, it was ridiculous how I approached the manufacturing of OGSB. It was all a bit much, overkill to say the least.

Right, the fuck am I rambling on about anyways?...oh yeah, so I haven't used anything that I haven't made for 95% of my career. I am beyond comfortable tattooing the way I do but I also am completely in the dark on what other pigments feel like to use. 


I do not know Federico Ferroni well but we have crossed paths and I can say he seems like a stand up dude. Always pleasant and his tattooing is great. He runs a compnay called Solid and recently he released these artist series box sets. It is a set palette, one from Chris Garver and one from Horitomo. I picked up both, mainly because I admire both Chris and Tomo but also because they have been loyal to Old Gold Small Batch for years and at a point, well it only seems fair to now try their colors. 

I am pretty excite to give these a shot, of course I am sitting on a pretty good stock pile of OGSB for myself so it is hard to say when I will have the chance.