Hurricanes/impromptu road trips

3:00am, Minneapolis, Airbnb:

Three kids and my beautiful lady are all fast asleep as my dog and myself try our best to keep our movements minimal on these extra-creaky wood floors.  So I figured it's as good of time as any to throw down a blog update.  

Irma, category five, total bitch: 

It must have been Tuesday morning when I saw that Irma had reached cat5. As a 400 mile wide storm, I decided to err on the side of caution. 185 mile per hour winds are nothing to mock. Previously, last year, I had made plywood storm boards and never got a chance to use them. It always seems weird to have an emergency back up plan that hasn't been tested. Much like going camping and not checking to ensure that your tent is tip top before the camping trip sure would suck to travel & hike, only to land at your remote locale and find out that you're missing tent stakes or a rain fly. So, I started putting the shutters up after a full day of yard clean up. Can't have debris being thrown around your neighborhood in a cat 3 let alone a 4 or 5. 

Man oh man, you would have thought I was Noah building an arc in the desert. It was quite comical on Tuesday and Wednesday because Irma was set to run up the east coast of the state. Thursday arrived and with it a new forecast that shifted the winds directly at Tampa. In minutes, gas and plywood were added to the list of no longer available supplies. Water, food and batteries had started to vanish on Sunday and Monday  long before Irma had even hit the eastern islands in the Caribbean. 

Since the house was boarded up and Irma was set to destroy my life, I grabbed my kids and drove to Nashville. Typically this is a 10-11 hr drive, I knew traffic would be rough so we left at 8:30 pm and planned to drive it out in the night. 18hr later we arrived in Nashville to find out that the Hyatt had cancelled our reservation and refunded my card, no doubt so they could sell the room off for a higher fee. Since the evacuation was running 5.6 million deep, they were not rooms available anywhere nearby. Luckily we did get a room for one night, I needed to sleep. 

Fate pushed us towards Chicago where my closest bud, Tim Biedron, put us up at his house for a few days. We worked together back at Deluxe tattoo in 2000 & 2001 and have stayed close ever since. We visited the Field museum. I photographed the same minerals and artifacts I have been taking photos of for two decades:

 Oh the biomech reference!!! 

Oh the biomech reference!!! 

We ate far too much food and tromped around the dog beach on Montrose.

 Starshaped press, Chicago

Starshaped press, Chicago

Sarah was dying to check out Starshaped press. We ran by the studio and Jen gave us a cool tour of her place. It was a great trip and I could have stayed put in Chicago but my kids were dying to meet their grandfather who lives in Minnesota, my home state. After 1200 miles and with a crew as well behaved as this crew, what's another 300-400 miles?


Here we are, 1682 miles away from the storm that never hit Tampa, stoked that we weren't damaged while being fully aware that many people lost everything. We are excited to be in Minneapolis for a week before we start the decent back to the storm torn south. 

I will surely keep posting on here as insomnia seems to be my flavor again.

Road burn is to blame.